NIYA designed this site to be as accessible as possible using technologies available in 2002. The site is Bobby AAA Approved, Bobby 508 Approved, WC3 XHTML Compliant, and WC3 CSS Compliant.

Bobby AAA Approved Bobby 508 Approved

The site uses relative text sizes in order for viewers to resize using browser controls.

There are no tables used purely for page layout. If tables are used in the new design, they are now used only for organizing columnar data.

Alt tags are provided for every image.

Links are provided to "skip to navigation" at the start of all documents, providing quick access to navigation and the start of content. Most of these links are invisible to sighted users, but can be used within text-to-speech readers as a way of skipping over redundant header elements straight to a portion of the page the user desires.

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